Touring the home of the Glowworms // Waitomo Glowworm Cave o(*≧□≦)o

The day of our Waitomo Glow worm cave tour it was also a gloomy sort of day. We were going to be black water rafting in the caves but due to the weather the activity was cancelled so we postponed it for tomorrow and booked another tour instead.  

We did the walk in the Ruakuri Cave ("Rua" means den and "kuri" means dog). It shows the amazing engineering and natural cave structures. There are adifferent limestone formations and crystal tapestries and you can see some glow worms too! 

During the beginning of our tour we had to walk down this spiral pathway and as we walked, our tour guide started whistling and singing and the sounds were amazing! The sounds just echo throughout the room and is so incredible! 

The formations of the limestone were pretty cool, but it is forbidden to touch them as they may snap and break off, plus you will be fined! 

Additionally, water runs through these caves which is why it is damp and will find some water running past or trickling from above. 

Did you know glowworms are carnivorous and will eat their siblings in order to survive! Also the bits that glow are actually their poop! Plus when they become a fly, they only have 24 hours (if I remember correctly) to find a mate and reproduce, as that is their life purpose. 
Hello my loves! I apologize that I didn't get anything up last night as I was having a late dinner at the boyfriends place and was too tired to blog anything. However today I shall get a full on productive day going! I have so much I want to do and also need to do!

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