Dining at Mappen, Oiden, and Derauma // Washoku Lovers foodie event ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

Last weekend I was invited by Washoku Lovers to attend a blogger foodie event across 3 restaurants in the Sydney CBD. The 3 restaurants are Mappen, Oiden and Derauma, which are all under the same management. 

Mappen is a noodle bar where you can have udon or soba and different soup or topping too. They also have side dishes which you can add onto your plate at very affordable prices. 

Oiden is a donburi rice bowl bar, which is located right next to Mappen. Like Mappen, there are various toppings for each rice bowl and you can have additional side dishes. Derauma is just across from Oiden and focuses on selling bento lunch boxes at affordable prices. 

All 3 restaurants' menu has dishes that are under AUD$10, which makes it super affordable for students or those who are on a budget. 

As bloggers and instafoodies, who were invited, started to arrive the food that were recommended by each restaurant came out. Of course, as foodies, we took forever to take photos and we were all hungry by the end of the photo session! 

We started the day with Mappen's Tonkatsu Deluxe Udon. It comes with hot tonkatsu soup, menma (bamboo shoots), spring onions, grilled pork, pickled mustard vegetables and sesame seeds. The broth was delicious, the udon was bouncy and firm and the other toppings were perfect. 

Next dish was the Pork Lovers, the pulled pork was full of flavour and the broth was slightly thicker compared to the Tonkatsu Deluxe Udon, but still had wonderful flavours. 

We also had a few tempura side dishes, which were made to perfect with their crispy thin batter and fresh flavours. 

From Oiden we had the Curry Onsen Tamago. The Japanese curry is not spicy at all making it suitable for all, plus the soft boiled egg was cooked to perfection as the yolk came oozing out. My favourite topping for Japanese curry is definitely the pickled red radish. 

Next was the Hashed Beef Rice, where the beef slices were tender and had a generous serving too. Again, the onsen tamago (soft boiled egg) was cooked to perfection too. 

The Unagi Bento from Dera Uma was definitely my favourite dish of the day and it definitely was the most popular amongst us bloggers who went too

The Special bento came with a hamburg patty, beef slice and onsen tamago too. The hamburg was rich in flavour and the beef slices were tasty! 

Below I left the event I took a sneaky shot of the fellow foodies who I finally got to meet in person! 

I cannot believe it is already the last day of June, meaning we are already half way through the year. The last few weeks of the month have been super exciting as I just received a few offers for a full time position, plus I have just joined the Washoku Lover family too! My first blog post for their website just came up this morning regarding about another foodie event I went to last night! So do check it out!!

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Lovers of Matcha : Café Cre Asion // Green Tea Tart & Dried Flowers ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

Last Friday, I headed out to congratulate my lionbro, Tony, at his graduation, but I needed to get some flowers. I remembered seeing some beautiful dried flower bouquets at Café CreAsion, so I decided to pop by for some coffee too.

I purchased a bouquet of dried flowers first, but I did have a tough time picking which one to get, as they are all so lovely. Plus, there is still a sweet floral scent that lingers around these dried flowers too. The bouquets are made by Ohana Flowers Sydney. 

I ordered a soy Chai latté(AUD$4.50), which was served warm. However, I must say their matcha drinks are much better as their Chai latté smells wonderful, there wasn't enough spice flavours in the drink itself. 

I also ordered a Green Tea tart(AUD$4.50) which was absolutely divine! I loved this tart from my top to bottom! It had a supper smooth, rich and creamy texture and that authentic matcha bitterness with a hint of sweetness to mellow it out. It is so far my favourite matcha dish at Café CreAsion.

21 Alberta St, CBD, Sydney
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am - 4pm,
Sat: 9am - 4pm, Sun: CLOSED
Ph: (02) 8021 1629
Café Cre Asion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I realised I haven't blogged about my other experience at Café CreAsion, so I will be getting them up soon! However, I have been coming to this café for quite some time now and they have come a long way. 
As for today I would say is my most relaxing day yet, I had an interview in the morning, then a gym session after before coming home to relax. I also got a call, informing that I got one of the position that I had applied for! Super excited about this, but I am waiting for one more interview on Friday (which I hopefully get too!) as I do want this job a little bit more. Regardless, I am happy I at least have one position secured and ready for me to begin my adult life! 

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Beauty at Lake Wakatipu // Feasting on the BEST Burgers ever!! ♡♡+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚

For the rest of day one in Queenstown, we decided to check out the area. We came across Lake Wakatipu and just enjoyed the beauty of it all! 

The water was so blue it was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking at the same time! 

The air was so fresh too so it was great to just sit there and watch the clouds move by and enjoy the view. 

 As the sun began to set, it was time to hunt for food again! We came across a huge line so we decided to check it out. We figured that it was Ferg Burger and everyone was eating it so we decided to line up to try it out too! (This was before we knew that it was actually a famous burger shop!).  

Then one of the staff approached us, handing their burger menu and we decided to google the place. That's when we found out that Ferg Burger, is the most famous burger shop around town and many who come to Queenstown say it is a MUST TRY!! 

They do not have any franchise stores anywhere else, as they only run in Queenstown! 

During peak hour it can take up to 40 minutes to an hour just to place your order. Then it is another 20-30 minutes for your burger to be made. 

My partner got Mr Big Stuff (NZ$16), which came with 1/2lbs of prime New Zealand beef, topped with melted cheddar cheese, American streaky bacon & bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato sauce, red onion and aioli. This burger was packed full of heavy flavours which burst in your mouth. It was incredibly delicious, succulent and juicy! Highly recommend! 
Whereas I ordered the Holier than Thou (NZ$11.50), with tempured tofu with a spicy satay, coconut and coriander sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, snow pea shoots and aioli. This one gives you that extra kick with the spicy satay and refreshing coconut and coriander sauce. It is truly unique and delicious, plus it's vegetarian too!! It is a great burger to enjoy which is both filling and amazingly yum!  
Just naming and listing the burgers' ingredients already have me drooling and you can only much imagine how good they taste! After dinner we headed back to our lodge and had an early night in. 

42 Shootover St, Queenstown Central, New Zealand
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8:30am - 5:30am
Ph: (03) 441 1232
Fergburger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Good evening everyone! Today has been a great day as I had 3 interviews and also managed to squeeze in an hour session at the gym! This is pretty much the reason why I haven't been blogging much the past 3 weeks as I've been bombarding myself with a couple of interviews a day, leaving no time for rest or play. I do apologise for this guys!!
However, while I was at the gym, I finally got a call back from a job position I was really interested in and I'm hoping to get that job! 
Also, I might do a job-related blog entry soon and I hope you will find it helpful as I will cover topics such as interviews, where to start looking and finding "the" job, etc. 

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Off to Queenstown // Brunching at Vudu Café & Larder ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

The next day, we were off to the airport as we headed towards Queenstown!

It was a quick flight, with beautiful mountainous scenery along the way. We even saw a rainbow before we landed too! 

By the time we landed in Queenstown, we were starving!!! We went and got our car at the car rental's, then made our way to our backpacking lodge for the night!

Along the way to Queenstown CBD, we saw the beautiful mountains and clouds that were passing by! We were hoping that the rain would past by quickly so our adventures wouldn't be ruined. 

Once we checked-into our place and left our luggage's, we went out for food! We came across this cute little cafe and decided to grab a bite here. 
16 Rees St, Queenstown Central, New Zealand
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7:30am - 5pm
Ph: (03) 441 8370
Vudu Cafe & Larder Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This place had the cutest and yummiest food on display!! It was hard to choose what to eat from their menu and displayed dishes!!

Both my partner and I had ordered our own dish to eat. We didn't get any coffee, but I did get some tea instead. 

My partner ordered the Organic Beef Burger with dried mushroom rub, caramelised onion jam, rocket, farmerhouse cheese, housemade bbq sauce and agria fries (NZ$20). The burger was quite lovely and the patty was succulent and juicy too. 

I ordered the Sumac Roasted Chicken salad with bulgar, parsley, shaved almonds, pine nuts, roast cherry tomato and zucchini tzatziki (NZ$20). It was quite a refreshing yet filling dish! The roasted chicken was very tender and juicy too! 

Last of all I had to ordered the chocolate truffle with pistachio and raspberry! It was super delicious and a delightful little snack!!

I clearly enjoyed that ball of deliciousness and I miss them heaps! 

Hello hello! 
I know I keep apologising for not posting as much here on my blog, but I have been super busy the last two weeks with constant interviews and all. I'm hoping to get results sometime this week or the next and I can finally have a proper routine where I am able to blog more and upload more videos for you guys! But until then you will have to bear with me a bit longer! 

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