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The following morning, after our hiking adventure in Te Anu, we went back to our Black Water Rafting tour to see if the we were able to go onto the tour. Luckily for us the weather was good enough for us to explore the caves on our tour! 

First step was to learn how to jump into the water with our donut tube! I was first to demonstrate how it was done! You can see how happy I am in the photo!! 

Next my boyfriend and I had to demonstrate how we were to form a link when we got into the caves. By this point we were just super excited!! 

Now this is a photo we took just before we started our adventures and I'm looking super duper excited whereas my boyfriend pulled the " sure" face. We had an amazing time exploring the caves and finding glowworms along the way. However it does get quite chilly down there, but our wetsuits do keep us warm! Our tour guides also shared their chocolate fish snacks with us as a treat and source of energy to keep us going! 

Once our tour was over, we took one last photo with our group, who were actually a tour group from Germany! We managed to grab our tour photo's from their tour guide Ingrid who was so kind to share them with us! After this photo it was time to shower and warm up with some soup. 

We started making our way back to Auckland and along the way we decided to have a lunch pit stop in Hamilton. 

We went to a cute cafe called The District for brunch. We haven't brunch-ed at all during this trip so it was definitely exciting for me and my boyfriend.  
19 Home Straight, Te Rapa, Hamilton, New Zealand
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 3:30pm
Sat & Sun: 8:30am - 3pm
Ph: (07) 8496 6785
The District Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I ordered a Chai Spicy latte and this is what made me fell in love with chai latte's! Ever since I came back from New Zealand my go to coffee's are either a mocha or chai latte! It is just so good! It has that perfect blend of sweet and spicy, plus it is velvety smooth too. I highly recommend trying it if you're past by Hamilton!

As for lunch, both my boyfriend and I had ordered a salad each. Both were presented beautifully yet prices are very similar to Sydney's aka. quite pricey.  

The boyfriend ordered the Chicken salad(NZ$18) which came with cos lettuce, avocado, sundried tomato, pancetta, shaved fennel and parmesan (G.F). This salad was very flavourful as the dressing was practically mixed in just before the dish was served. The avocado had coated the chicken, giving it a butter smooth finish and the lettuce was crunchy and fresh too. 

I had ordered off their Lunch Special menu and got the Smoked duck and watercress salad (NZ$21), cranberries, cashews and orange with raspberry vinaigrette. 

My salad was definitely more colourful compared to my boyfriend's Chicken salad, and taste-wise it was beautiful too! I absolutely loved the different textures on the plate. I wish the duck had a more smokier taste, but it was well cooked and the flavours of the sweet fruits made this dish more refreshing! 

After lunch, we headed back to Auckland and checked into our accommodation, where we had also chosen to stay at Haka Lodge too. We had our very own bathroom in our room, which was GREAT!! 

Good morning everyone! Yesterday I had a full on day, with 3 interviews within the city and I was literally going back and forth between Wynyard and Townhall. However I am super happy and grateful for all these interviews, but I do hope to land myself with one of these jobs soon! I also just got an email to go ahead with another company with a video interview this week. So I will be a bit busy over the next few weeks but I will try and get my video's up on time for you guys!! Watch my latest daily vlog which I uploaded yesterday! 

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