Winter weather calls for RAMEN! // Manpuku Kingsford (灬♥ω♥灬)

Winter is officially here in Sydney and we literally had a crazy weekend with the torrential rain and wind. As the days get colder, it makes it the perfect weather to have ramen for lunch and lucky for me, last week I was invited by Washouku Lovers to eat at the Japanese restaurant called Manpuku, at Kingsford. They have a few locations around Sydney, making it accessible to a wider community. 

482 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, Sydney, 2032
Opening Hours:
Lunch: Mon-Sun: 11:30am - 9:30pm
Ph: (02) 9662 1236

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The restaurant name means "Millions of Happiness or Luck" which reflects their values for their store, staff, customers and food. They specialise in ramen dishes but do offer some other dishes too! The chef of Manpuku had recommended the following ramen's as they were either super popular or delicious; #2 Sho Gara, #6 Gyokai Tonkotsu & #7 Shiawase Ramen. 

I decided to get #2. Sho Gara with pork belly, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots (mema), shallots, seaweed sheet and homemade Manpuku original noodles in salt base chicken soup (AUD$13.50). The broth is so clear and aromatic. It has a flavourful yet light taste whereas the ramen were cooked to perfection, bouncy and not too mushy, and the pork was well seasoned. 

When having this ramen it is best eaten with the pepper that they offer with it. It is white pepper blended with powdered dried Ramen topping menma (bamboo), dried garlic and onion. 

Stephy ordered #7. Kono deaini kanshashite aijou jonetsu komete isshoukenmei tsukata uchirano icchan sukina manpuku shiawase ramen (AUD$14.50). The name of the ramen is quite the mouthful! The broth of this ramen is much thicker and intense compared to the previous one. It is a soy based chicken and pork soup with pork belly, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, shallots, seaweed sheet, egg and homemade Manpuku ramen. 

We also ordered a side of Kaarage chicken (AUD$5.50) and their Wing Gyoza (AUD$6.90). The Kaarage chicken, as seen, was a bit overcooked (I'm assuming the oil was a bit too hot!), so the chicken was a tad dry. 

However, the Wing gyoza was a juicy surprise. The flavours were so unique due to the combination of two different meats yet it tasted so right! It could do with a little less terriyaki sauce on the top, but it was delicious!! 

Next up was dessert time!! We ordered 3 different dessert; 2 x chilled cream green tea mochi, green tea mousse and a porunga. 

The skin of the green tea mochi (AUD$2.50/each) had reminded me of the one I had in Nara, but less elasticity. It was quite lovely and a great way to end the meal! 

The green tea mousse(AUD$5.90) is more heavier compared to the mochi. I could taste the thick cream and matcha in the smooth and soft texture of the mousse. 

The porunga(AUD$3), which looks like the fish-shaped taiyaki, has a deep fried layer which covers the warm red bean paste in the middle. It is a popular snack at the store, however I do prefer the texture of the traditional taiyaki. 

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Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging over the last week, as it was my last week of uni and I did have a few assessments to get done! I am finally done with uni!! I cannot believe how fast this semester went by and I am now on the hunt for full time jobs! It's going to be a tough half year but I'm sure that I will find something that I will enjoy! 

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  1. Love Mapuku's black garlic tonkotsu! Gotta try that ramen with the long name next time haha


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