Stay Sun-kissed even in Winter // Beach St Tanning Salon (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

Last Thursday, I was invited to get my first ever spray tan session with Beach St Australia Tanning Salon,which located in Paddington, Sydney.  

TRUFFLE SEASON // Cavalier Speciality Coffee in St Leonards *(*´∀`*)☆

Last Tuesday I met up with my friend, Virginia, for a catch brunch session. We decided to try something new and close to the both of us, so we decided on Cavalier Specialty Coffee, which is a 8-10min walk from St Leonards station. My main reason for choosing this place was because of their truffle menu that they are offering in July. So we ordered 3 dishes topped with truffle, along with a cup of coffee each. 

34 Oxley St, Crows Nest, Sydney
Opening Hours: 
Tues & Fri: 6:30am - 2:30pm
Sat & Sun: 8am - 2pm
Ph: n/a

Cavalier Specialty Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The truffles they are using are the highest grade truffle available, and is also locally grown down on the farm in Pemberton, where little mate Peri sniffed them out on his hunt. I was so lucky to get to see these two large truffles in their beautiful form and boy do they smell amazing!!!

First off, I ordered a mocha with truffle milk, topped with a pinch of salt and slice of truffle. I must say, when I heard truffle milk I was a bit weird-ed out. However, once I tried it, it actually had a really lovely taste, slightly mellow yet sweet, as the salt slightly enhanced the flavors of the truffle, milk and chocolate. 

The first main dish I tried was the Spanner Crab Brunch, topped with truffle (AUD$23 + $10; for truffle). It is a slow poached Queensland spanner crab with jersey milk, smoked sea mayonnaise, basil and 2 poached eggs. I absolutely loved this dish! It was light yet full of delicate flavor's!! However I couldn't really taste the truffle in this so I probably give this dish a miss for the addition of truffles. 

We also ordered another hot dish, which was their 3 Cheese Mushroom Macaroni, topped with truffles (AUD$16 + $10), which came with melted Mozzarella and cheddar cheese, macaroni, mushrooms, crumbs and snowie 50 month Caccionerone. It was quite a heavy and rich dish, I couldn't really taste the mushrooms much, but the truffles came through a bit here. 

Now I did save the best till last and it was their Tiramisu French Toast, topped with truffles (AUD$16 + $10). This is Cavalier's take on french toast with layers of mascarpone cream, chocolate and dulce de leche coffee cream served on brioche. Their french toast was absolutely divine!! It doesn't leave you with that sickly sweet after taste at all, which was perfect for me! I loved how the combination of the sweet ingredients went very well with the flavors and aromas of the shaved truffles! This is such a beautiful dish and I highly recommend everyone to try it out! 

I must say the spanner crab and french toast was my favourite dishes of the day. However I would have loved if the spanner crab was a little bit bigger in serving as it was quite a small dish. Regardless, I can definitely see myself coming back here for some more of the truffle milk coffees and trying their other dishes, maybe without the truffle this time as they do make the dish that much more expensive! 

Good morning guys! As you are reading this I am at work, learning more about my role and all!! Life is definitely going to be more and more busier every day, but since I'm young now it's good to work as hard as you can to earn that extra cash and invest into your relationships (with friends, family and your partner) as well as your future! 
Anyways have a lovely and beautiful morning, while I sit at my work desk craving for some truffle milk mocha!! 

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First time in the Blue Mountains // Leura hike & the 3 sisters!

A few weeks ago I went to the Blue Mountains for the first time ever! My partner and friends took me to Leura, as we wanted to explore and hike around that area.

We went on the Leura Cascades walk where we went through the dry land and forests. I shall let my photos do most the talking for me in this post. 

 The Leura cascade was quite peaceful and beautiful too! 

I also have a thing where I like to take photos of wild mushrooms that grow in the bush lands! Its somewhat mysterious and intriguing. 

We had a quick rest at Gordons Fall Lookout, which was absolutely breathtaking! Of course we had to take some photos of both the scenery and us with the scenery too! 

Here is a photo that my boyfriend took of me and my high school friend, Suyin.  

Then of course group photo time! I placed my camera on timer to capture this shot~ 

As we were nearing our hike, we were amazed by this huge waterfall before us! It was exciting and wonderful!  

The waters lead down towards another small waterfall in a more green environment. 

We finished our hike around 4pm and went to take a look at the famous Three sisters! It was my first time seeing it and it was another beautiful sight that Sydney has! This made me appreciate more of my hometowns beauty and also got me excited for more beautiful spots there are to hike at! 

Good evening everyone!! I apologize for not blogging much the last few days! I had been quite busy with my jobs and balancing time with friends. Also, I just started my full time job today and OMG! I'm already pooped out! HAH! But I am looking forward for more interesting days to come as today I just sat in front of the computer watching training videos~ I shall update on my jobs another time, as for now I'm going to relax and enjoy my evening! 

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Shin Yasaka Ramen, Neutral Bay // Food blogger soft launch ⌒゚(❀>◞౪◟<)゚⌒

On the 29th June, I was invited by Washoku Lovers to attend another foodie event. This time is was a more special occasion, as we would be trying the dishes for the pre-launch of Yasaka's second store in Netural Bay. 

I decided to take my mum along with me to enjoy a warm meal. She was super excited about it and the food too! 

Yasaka Ramen is known for their house made noodles and tonkotsu soup. Their Neutral Bay store is called Shin-Yasaka, which has the same menu as their city store, but will be using a new and different cooking method for their ramen. 

One of the Washoku Lovers staff, Kayla, gave us a short introduction of the store and its concept. On a side note, I actually know Kayla from uni as we were classmates in our Japanese classes. 

We got to meet the head chef, Takeshi Sekigawa, who delivered a speech introducing himself, his concept and what he wanted to achieve for the future. 

Additionally, his motto "No Ramen, No Life" is definitely something I hold dear, especially when winter is here! Best comfort food ever! I took a photo with Takeshi Sekigawa himself after we had finished our meal! 

Our night began with drinks then our entrees arrived shortly after which were edamame beans and karaage chicken. The chicken was served piping hot and once I bit into it I could taste how juicy and tender it was.

We also had a a plate of condiments, from left to right, there was white sesame seeds, pickled ginger and chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was great, as it gave the dishes that extra punch of spice! 

The main dish of the night, which was their signature ramen called the Shin Yasaka ramen, was really delicious and perfect for a cold winters' day! The broth was thick with a very deep and intense flavour. The thick noodles were chewy yet firm in taste and they are made fresh everyday.   

The last dish served that night was their Kakuni bao, which is very similar to a pork belly bun! The pork was super juicy and full of flavour. Plus, it easily falls apart as you bite into it and the sauce was the perfect touch of dressing needed to bring out the heavenliness of this bao. 

Also, can you see the fine red stringy stuff in the previous photo? At first glance I thought it was saffron, but knowing the price of it I decided to try a strand on its own. It turned out to be dried chilli strands, which was so YUM!!

On their opening days, Saturday (2nd July) and Sunday (3rd July), they were handing out 50 free "No Ramen, No Life" jumpers and shirts. Seeing all the amazing instagram posts, their grand opening ceremony was a huge success, plus you can still purchase their "No Ramen, No Life" apparel or iphone case too!  

Shop 1, 161-163 Military Rd, Neutral Bay, 2089
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun
Lunch: 11:30am - 3:30pm
Dinner: 5:30pm- 9/10pm
Ph: (02) 8317 4805

Yasaka Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
You can also read my first blog post on WASHOKU LOVERS blog!

Already July, meaning we are hitting the middle of winter now and the days are definitely getting colder and wetter too. I have been busy trying to organise my life in general as I try to fit in meetings with the Washoku Lovers team (as I have joined them as an intern), catching up with friends and my blog entries. I am definitely feeling more and more busy but I am slowly getting use to how things are working out now. However things will once again change when I start my full time job next week! Little nervous too!! ><"

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