First time in the Blue Mountains // Leura hike & the 3 sisters!

A few weeks ago I went to the Blue Mountains for the first time ever! My partner and friends took me to Leura, as we wanted to explore and hike around that area.

We went on the Leura Cascades walk where we went through the dry land and forests. I shall let my photos do most the talking for me in this post. 

 The Leura cascade was quite peaceful and beautiful too! 

I also have a thing where I like to take photos of wild mushrooms that grow in the bush lands! Its somewhat mysterious and intriguing. 

We had a quick rest at Gordons Fall Lookout, which was absolutely breathtaking! Of course we had to take some photos of both the scenery and us with the scenery too! 

Here is a photo that my boyfriend took of me and my high school friend, Suyin.  

Then of course group photo time! I placed my camera on timer to capture this shot~ 

As we were nearing our hike, we were amazed by this huge waterfall before us! It was exciting and wonderful!  

The waters lead down towards another small waterfall in a more green environment. 

We finished our hike around 4pm and went to take a look at the famous Three sisters! It was my first time seeing it and it was another beautiful sight that Sydney has! This made me appreciate more of my hometowns beauty and also got me excited for more beautiful spots there are to hike at! 

Good evening everyone!! I apologize for not blogging much the last few days! I had been quite busy with my jobs and balancing time with friends. Also, I just started my full time job today and OMG! I'm already pooped out! HAH! But I am looking forward for more interesting days to come as today I just sat in front of the computer watching training videos~ I shall update on my jobs another time, as for now I'm going to relax and enjoy my evening! 

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