TRUFFLE SEASON // First experience at BLACK by EZARD σ(≧ε≦o)

Towards the end of July I headed out with my family for an early birthday dinner which was for myself and younger brother, as our birthdays are 3 days apart. We decided to try Black Ezard, since we had been going to Sokyo way too many times that month so we wanted to change it up a bit and plus, I've been hearing from my friends that Black Ezard has really nice dishes to eat.

Black Ezard also had a truffle menu during the month of July, so of course I had to order everything truffle! We also ordered a few side dishes such as their brussel sprouts, potato puree aka. mash potato, witlof salad and charcuterie board. My family ordered the steaks of various cuts and since I didn't take much photos of them I shall only be sharing my truffle experience. 

The first to arrive was their complimentary bread which was super crispy on the outside, but the inside was warm and fluffy! We actually ordered more because of how fresh and delicious the breads were. 

Next dish that was served was their Charcuterie board with foiegras brulee and grilled sourdough. The foiegras was rich in flavour and velvety smooth, which my whole family enjoyed. There was also  slices of various meats and pickles too. 

We also ordered their Oysters chilled, freshly opened, red wine vinegar and shallot dressing. The dressing was quite lovely and it felt like the oysters natural goodness were further enhanced. 

Next came the Cauliflower cream soup, with white onion custard, cepe mushrooms and shaved truffles. The dish was presented beautifully before the cream was poured onto, which is why the photo does not show it's true beauty but it definitely was delicious. The soup was again quite rich and had a beautiful roasted cauliflower taste, which went very well with the onion custards, cepe mushrooms and truffle. The truffle aroma and taste wasn't as strong in the soup as I thought it'd be, but it does linger lightly in the after taste. 

The next truffle dish was their Fillet Grass Fed Angus, with smoked potato, mache salad, bone marrow sauce and shaved truffle. Now this dish was quite lovely and Black by Ezard is well known for their steak. I'm a bit picky when it comes to steak apparently (according to my mum) but this was not bad since I am use to eating wagyu beef, which my mum purchases from Costco and seasons them herself. The potato mash was infused with truffle and it was so divine!!! 

By this stage we were super full because we had been trying all of each other's dishes and that is a lot of meat. However I still had to conquer the last truffle dish which was their Crème Brulee with white chocolate, raisins and truffle ice-cream. This brulee was absolutely amazing and was the perfect way to end the night. It was soft yet firm, and it melted into your mouth instantly. The flavours were not too heavy to create that sickly sweet taste, but it rather had a light side to it.

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