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August is here, meaning we have officially come to the end of the truffle season! However I am going to share my truffle experiences at Sokyo this year and relive the moment too. This year there were quite a few items on their truffle menu and we managed to order all but one dish. 

The first truffle dish we tried was their Bitchotan Whole John Dory, with scorched lettuce and creamy ponzu (AUD$60). The presentation of this dish was beautiful and I really enjoyed the scorched lettuce with creamy ponzu sauce. Although the the fish itself was covered in generous truffle slices, we couldn't really taste the truffle flavours and the fish was a little dry for me and my mum. 

The next truffle dish was their Chase Toro Toro (AUD$20/piece). This is a sushi dish with crispy seaweed, toro, uni (sea urchin), topped with truffle. The toro was so fatty and smooth, it melted in my mouth and the truffles created a more delicate taste to it.

We also tried their Baked Angasi Oyster with truffle, which was added onto their menu halfway through the truffle season. This was beautifully made and it taste so lovely! I loved the creamy sauce that it was baked with. 

The final truffle dish, which is also my number one favourite truffle dish, was their Blue Cheese Donatsu with truffle honey ice-cream and pineapple sauce (AUD$22). Now this...oh this was absolutely divine! As soon as I had my first bite, I was in love and I had to come back for more. I came back three times, but could only get this twice because it was sold out on one of the nights. This was how good it was and I hope they have this next year! 

Good evening everyone! is my birthday and I had a very enjoyable simple day! As per usual I went into work and was greeted by my colleagues with birthday wishes! We also had a strawberry cheesecake which was covered by the company in the afternoon! After work I went and met my friend, Ron, at the gym for a good workout session before finding my mum for dinner. I didn't particularly wanted anything special to happen as I wanted a simple casual sort-of day to celebrate my birthday. The partying will happen later this week with friend though, so I am excited for that! I will blog more regarding about my birthday at the end of the week!  

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