Canyon Swinging, Shootover Jet & Skyline Adventures (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

The next day in Queenstown we started our day bright and early as we headed down to our meet up spot to go Canyon Swinging and go on the shootover jet. We were a small group of 6, taken up the mountains via a small coach. We arrived at our location after a 10-15 minute drive, and I must say it is quite the sight!There was a group before us, so we watched as they jumped off and swung down the canyon. Once the platform was cleared and ready for us to go, we started to suit up into our harnesses and headed down to the canyon. 

My partner and I went 3rd and I was honestly really scared!! Because I wanted to go down together, tandem style, my boyfriend picked the way we went....and he chose BACKWARDS! You can watch my reaction in the video above! It was quick and swift as we fell, but the feeling was great! The view was really amazing. As we were pulled back up, my boyfriend decided go for round two, I on the other hand was fine with that one time. So I watched him go again and this time he tried to hold one before he left go and dropped.After all our swinging we went to buy some souvenir packages of our fall, where we got the video and photos of us swinging.As soon as we all got our photos and videos, we headed back down the mountain and off to the shootover jet location.

The water was crystal clear and we could see the jet just skimming off the waters at high speed. We buckled up and went on our ride. It was quite relaxing as we just jumped off a cliff not too long ago, so this was not too crazy. 

After a long morning, we headed back to Queenstown CBD, we decided to head to Queenstown Skyline for some ludging and a hike. We decided to go ludging first and it was so much fun!! We bought a ticket for 3 rides and I filmed all 3 times!

After all that adrenaline rush, we went hiking around the the Skyline loop and it was very beautiful!  

Once we finished our hike, we headed back down the mountain to Queenstown CBD and got some of Mrs Ferg's pies and then went on another walk. We walked through the Botanical garden and their coast, which was so serene and beautiful! Just let my pictures do the talking for me! After our full day of adventure, we settled back down for a quick nap, before heading out for burgers for dinner. 
Hello everyone! I finally got the next NZ vlog instalment up which some of you guys have been waiting forever for! I'm currently working from home so this makes it so much easier for me to get all my videos and blogs up as I work. Anyway I'm getting pretty hungry, so I'm going to go prepare myself some lunch! 

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