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Here in Australia, Halloween is not a huge event and it not really celebrated compared to America and Japan. However, we do use this occasion to dress up or watch scary and/or gory dramas and movies. Today I thought I'd share with you a few anime series which are perfect to watch over the Halloween season. Why anime, because this won't keep you up all night compared to drama's or movies, plus I haven't blogged any anime or manga related posts in a while too. 

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One of favourite anime series is definitely Corpse Party:Tortured Souls, the name already gives it away and it's pretty damn epic. Although it only has 4 episodes, it is a very strong and detailed series. This series is quite graphic, so I do not recommend this if you're not into the gore and the whole guts-spilling-out kinda thing. Although, if you can overcome this, this anime is just AMAZING! I was honestly just shocked at the end of the series and just didn't know what to do after...

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The next anime I really like is Another, where it talks about a cursed classroom and one by one the students of this particular classroom die in very horrific deaths. This one is also quite gory and graphic too, but not as intense as Corpse Party. 

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Now I love Shingeki No Kyoujin (Attack on Titans -AOT). Although it has been out for quite some time since season 1 release and the delay of season 2 has been keeping everyone in suspense. I absolutely loved this series, because it was something entirely new and of course the survival of humanity.

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Another anime that was release earlier this year is Koutesujyou no Kabaneri, which has a very similar concept to AOT. Instead of giants eating and killing humans, this time it is the survival of humanity against the zombie virus. 

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Tokyo Ghoul is another great show, where everyone wanted to cosplay Kaneki Ken. In this anime, ghouls live among the normal humans in secret, as their only way they can survive is by eating human flesh. It shows how Kaneki, an ordinary human, comes by this secret world and his journey on this path. 

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Parasyte is also a great anime if you're into aliens and all! It talks about howworm-like creatures called Parasites appear on Earth, taking over the brains of human hosts by entering through their ears or noses. But not all parasites manage to successfully control their host and their next goal is survival. I highly recommend this if you're into action and some gore~

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Another favourite series I really enjoy is Jogoku Shoujo (Hell Girl), which has 3 seasons. I love how eerie yet beautiful this anime is and I was so sad to see it end. This story revolves around revenge but at the cost of your own life! I highly recommend this! 

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you guys take the time to watch these horror-themed anime's that I personally like and if you've already watched one of these or all, let me know what you thought about each of them in the comments below! 
This year I didn't do anything on my youtube or blog to celebrate this occasion, as I am still trying to get my studio room together and been busy with the amount of work I've been taking on this month. So I apologise, but next year I will definitely be sharing a few Halloween treats on both my blog and youtube! But I am  celebrating Halloween by eating some Halloween themed treats at work!  

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