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Two weeks ago over the weekend,  I was invited as part of Washoku Lovers to attend Sushi Samurai's 10th Anniversary at Pyrmont, where they had tuna cutting shows arranged for customers to see. 

The cutting show was very interesting as we got to see what parts of the tuna have the most flavour or most fat content. The chef also told us more about the tuna's and how they choose the freshest ones.

Of course near the belly area of the toro is where most of the fat is stored, because blue fin tuna live in deeper water where the water pressure is different and of course, much colder. 

The toro and otoro are more light-pink in colour compared to other cuts of the tuna, and a lot of people find because it is light in colour, it is not as flavourful or tasty as the red flesh. This is in fact wrong, toro and otoro are the most expensive cuts of the tuna and have a very smooth and soft texture, which melts in your mouth. 

Whereas the flesh that is closest to the bones are much deeper in colour and the flavours are much more intense, because they swim a lot. 

If you can see in the photo above, the chef is using a long sword-like knife, because the tuna fish was quite large. However for smaller tuna's the usual filleting knife will suffice. It takes skills and knowledge to know how to cut the tuna right. 

Of course, after watching the tuna cutting show it was time for the main meal of the night. I invited my mum along for a free meal and we ordered quote a few things, because we were super hungry. To start off we got the Samurai Sashimi Salad, which was topped with both Japanese salad dressing and Japanese mayonnaise. Very generous portion and delicious too. 

We also got the Sashimi entree, where a selection of a few different seafood were presented nicely. We had scallops, squid, salmon, tuna, king fish and one scampi. 

We also had to get a few of their sushi from their wide selection, so we ordered the toro, chu-toro and otoro (right) and we also got the Aburi Salmon sushi (left) too. I really enjoyed the Aburi salmon, because salmon is one of my favourite fish to eat. The tuna & toro selection were quite nice too, but I think I definitely have been pampered way too much, so my toro expectations are a quite high. Nevertheless, it was still delicious. 

My mum was craving tempura, so she got her the Seasonal Vegetable Tempura platter, because I like my vegetable tempura~ The tempura had a light crispy batter on the outside, leaving the vegetables juicy and delicious on the inside. 

Miso eggplant is one my favourite ways to eat eggplant, so we decided to order one! The eggplant was perfectly grilled, as the flesh just instantly melts into your mouth and the miso paste was lovely but just a little heavy for my liking, so I had to scrap some away. 

Scampi! Scampi! Scampi! I love scampi's! Juicy, sweet and heavenly! What more do I need to say! 

Of course we didn't leave without dessert, so we got their Chocolate lava cake

As soon as you cut through the cake, the chocolate lava just oozes out and it's not too sweet nor too bitter! It's just perfect! Both my mum and I really enjoyed this cake! We actually ordered it because my mum saw another table had ordered it and it looked pretty good~

1/16-30 Bunn St, Pyrmont, 2009
Opening Hours: 
Lunch (Mon - Sat) 12 - 2:30pm | Dinner (Mon - Sun) 5:30pm - 10pm

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, where I spent mine working at my casual job. I also had two birthday dinners over the weekend, so I'm quite tired and cannot wait to pop back into bed early tonight! Anyway, this week I'm planning to post 2 x videos on Wednesday because I missed last week as I just had too much scheduled on then. Also if you want to see any video in particular, comment them below or on my youtube channel and I will see when I can get around to filming it!! 

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