SMASH! Anime & Manga 2016 Convention ( ◞・౪・)

This year was my second time ever going to SMASH! as an attendee. I usually go as a volunteer, either at the ticketing section or running around ushering people here and there. The reason why this year I didn't volunteer was of course due to the huge change in my life, which is completing my degree and working full-time. However, my next door neighbour (literally) who was working for SMASH! offered me a free pass for both Saturday and Sunday, so I said why not!

On Staurday I went bright and early with my mate Grace and Spike. I didn't plan any cosplay costumes since it an unexpected plan, so I just wore a maid costume which I purchased in Japan and haven't worn out yet and just went a generic maid.

There wasn't any crazy long queues when we arrived at the venue and we waited for the doors to open for the art an merchandise rooms. The art room was the first to open, so my friends and I went around checking out all the different artworks. I ha two artists that I wanted to find, which were J-b0x and Minmonsta. 

I found J-b0x stall first and purchased a few goodies and also got ask for a few commission arts too! Then I was on the hunt for Minmonsta, but I didn't know where her stall was so I had to weave through every single stand. Eventually I found her an luckily for me she still had some of her artbook, Soul Drop, left.

After purchasing all the art we wanted, we headed down to the merchandise room where we checked out all the plush, gundams, figurines, swords, etc. I also met up with one of my friends who I met through SMASH! until I had to leave after lunch as I had work.

On Sunday I also was at SMASH! bright and early for more adventure and fun, but this time I focused more the on the cosplayer's. I took many photo's on both days, which I shall share below. 
My favourite cosplay group on Sunday, was definitely this Zootopia group!! 

Its a tradition for me to take a photo with some human organ/genitalia plush toys. 

One of the best group cosplayers on Saturday was the Ghibli group!! 

I didn't realise I took a photo with one of the guest until I saw some staff follow him and all~ 

It's Biba! and not too sure who (on the left~) Can anyone tell me??


I bumped into one of my childhood friend, Stella, who came as a pikachu girl~

I love her dress! Super cute!!

A scene from Prison School? hahah ~

It's Ikouma! 
This year I can definitely say that the cosplays are pretty damn good and so much improvements too. Well I cannot wait again till next year SMASH! comes along to check out more art and cosplayers! Hopefully I will get some abs then so I can cosplay the characters I want to.

Hello my loves, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what character(s) you cosplayed this year to an anime convention? I have a list of characters I would love to cosplay, so I'm hoping next year I will be able to do so! Also let me know who you want to cosplay as next year too! 

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