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Hello hello to all my wonderful readers out there! I apologise that I haven't been blogging much these days as I've been trying to edit videos for my youtube channel and I got a little side tracked with it~ But today I shall be sharing another food review on Yakitori Yurippi. 

7 Falcon St Crows Nest, NSW 2065
Opening Hours: MON-SUN: 5pm - 10pm
PH: (02) 8041 9261

Yakitori Yurippi is located in Crows Nest and has a izayaka(informal Japanese gastropub) style atmosphere. They offer delicious char-grilled Yakitori skewers and various drinks such as beer, wine, sake, whiskey, etc. The are very busy over the weekends, so expect at least a 15-30 minute wait, but you can always book a table to ensure your seats. 

I started the night with plum whiskey on the rocks and my boyfriend got good old beer. I really liked the taste of the plum whiskey as it was slightly sour-citrus taste, which was very refreshing to have. 

We had a side dish of Wasabi Octopus [たこわさ] ($4.90), which was well seasoned and fresh too! If you've never had raw octopus before, it has a firm and satisfyingly chewy, but it should not be rubbery. 

I also ordered Burdock Root chips [ごぼうチップス] ($4.90), which was crispy and perfect to have with our beer and whiskey! 

All skewers are cooked to order, so you will definitely be getting piping hot and fresh skewers! We ordered a few different skewers to eat where they are priced between $2.90-$4.50 per skewer. Additionally you can choose the seasoning, between simple salt or sweet soy special sauce. 

The first few skewers we ordered were the Nankotsu, Araniki Cheese, Torikawa & Butabara, all dipped in their special soy sauce. The Nankotsu is cartilage, which was crunchy and delicious. The Araniki cheese, is cheese kransky where the cheese oozes out as your bite into the sausage. The Torikawa was grilled chicken skin and to be honest....it as delicious, even though it sounds so fattening! Last one we tried on our plate was their Butabara skewer, which was pork belly. It was juicy, succulent and tender!  

We also ordered another side of Gyoza [餃子]. Gyoza is one of my favourite sides to order whenever I eat at Japanese restaurants! The dish was really hot when it came out of the kitchen and the meat inside the dumpling was super juicy

Next round of skewers we ordered the Negima, Shiitake and Leba, again all dipped in the special soy sauce. The Negima, was chicken and shallot, which was tender and exquisite. The Shiitake mushroom skewer was grilled perfectly, as I could taste a the natural flavours, which was very strong. The Leva, which is liver, was very interesting. It was firm yet tender. 

The Tsukune,  Japanese chicken meat ball with an onsen egg, was beautiful! The flavours of the marinate chicken and onsen egg went very well together and I really enjoyed this skewer. 

We also tried the Hotate Konbu butter, which is Scallop with Konbu Butter and the Asparagus Bacon. The scallop was perfectly grilled and was not tough at all. As for the asparagus bacon, it was alright, nothing really special~ 
The last skewer we ordered that night was the Gyu Karubi, wagyu beef. This was my boyfriends' favourite skewer of the night as the wagyu was juicy, tender and delightful to have. If you love your beef I highly recommend this skewer. 

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