Girls night at Cho Cho San (๑╹ڡ╹๑)

A few weeks ago I headed to Cho Cho San for a casual girls night out with a few of my friends, Stephy, Julia and Virginia. It was a warm summer evening and it was also all our first time going to Cho Cho San. We were excited to see what made this place a popular spot amongst the foodie world here in the Kings Cross. 

We started the night off with drinks, where I got the Yuzu Caramel Old Fashioned (AUD$ 18). This was made of suntory kukubin, yuzu caramel syrup and bitters. It was a very refreshing and delightful drink to cool down while enjoying the atmosphere, food and company.

The first dish to arrive was their Grilled Oysters with kombu & wasabi (AUD$26 half, $48 dozen). The oysters are fresh and they were served slightly warm (from the grilling?). I wasn't sure if I really liked my oysters being served warm, it had a very unsettling feeling if I was going to get a stomach ache. I don't think I would order this dish again, for OHS reason's I guess. 

The next dish was their Beef Tartare with wild rice and ginger dressing (AUD$ 23).  This was quite an interesting dish with all the different texture and flavours available. I enjoyed the creaming dressing placed at the bottom of the plate and the rice puffs were delightful to have. 

The Pork Katsu Steam buns (AUD$8) were not bad too, but I find it a little overpriced for the ingredients needed to make this dish (lettuce, tomato, pork & bun)! Although, the Katsu was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, plus the bun was served soft, fluffy and warm. But if we're to talk about Bao's I find Belly Bao does a pretty good job, with pricing, various flavours and ingredients. 

We also ordered a dish which is off the menu. It was their Moretan Bay Bug tempura (AUD$20ish?). It had a crunchy and light taste and deep fried to perfection ! The flesh was moist and tender, and I loved the spices that were used to create a more aromatic dish, paired with a cauliflower puree sauce.

The Japanese Mushroom with confit garlic (AUD$ 21), was de-li-cious! I loved eating mushrooms since I was a little girl! I thoroughly enjoued this vegetarian dish as they used various types of mushrooms and it was seasoned very well.

The last dish was their Charcoal Chicken with sesame yogurt sauce (AUD $27). For the price you pay, the portion does not seem very generous at all, you only get 2 skewers. Despite the portion sizes, I loved the char-grilled smokiness of the chicken and it matches very well with their sesame sauce. The sauce was creamy and had a light aroma of sesame.

As we came to the end of the night we had to finish it off with dessert. We ordered the Black Sesame Icecream Mochi (AUD $6) and the Matcha Tiramisu (AUD $12). The mochi skin of the Black sesame icecream mochi, is not as thin and light compared to the ones at Sokyo, but the icecream did have an intense black sesame flavour, which I loved!  

As for the Matcha Tiramisu, I wasn't a fan with the amount of cream in this dessert. Plus there wasn't any strong intense matcha flavour either, so I was a little disappointed. I do like my matcha desserts to have a strong matcha presences in taste and appearance. 

Overall my experience at Cho Cho San, was pleasant but I don't think I would come back here as often as I go to Sokyo. I find Sokyo's dishes suit my taste a little more, plus their portion is a little bit more filling. However, a change once in a while is good and I did enjoy trying something new. 

73 MacLeay St, Potts Point, NSW 2011
Opening Hours: 
MON-WED: 5pm - 10pm
THURS: 5:30pm - 10:30pm 
FRI-SUN: 12pm-11pm
PH: (02) 9331 6601
Cho Cho San Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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