Thoughts on Subscription Boxes & the Dream box (۶* ‘ꆚ’)۶”

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Recently I've been watching heaps of subscription box opening videos on youtube and it's always exciting to see what you get each month from a particular company or theme box that you choose. 

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Subscription boxes have been around for quite some time for all different types of genre. There's one for makeup, skincare, clothing, accessories and even movie/anime themed ones too. There's even a subscription box for books too, which has really caught my interest! 

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At the moment I'm kind of obsessed with the The World of Wizardry/Harry Potter themed subscription boxes. They are all so lovely and beautiful, especially at the moment they all have been themed around Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.
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I really enjoyed the movie so I'm planning to get a World of Wizardy themed box, maybe next month for myself. I love how actual props from the movies are included in the boxes, which makes it that extra bit more magical. 

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However if I were to talk about my dream subscription box, I would definitely love to see a Sailormoon themed box. I've seen anime themed boxes with a few different anime's items in the box, but I would love to see a one anime focused subscription box. 
New Sailor Moon Boxes, Trunks, Wand Pens, Magnets, Etc!
There are a few Sailormoon subscription boxes but what I'm really after is the quality of the gifts inside the boxes. I would love to see some bandai props, pullip dolls or limited edition gifts. However each of these things can be quite expensive, so pricing may be an issue here, but I think once in a while a gift like these will make the box worth waiting and paying for. Besides official sailormoon merchandises, clothing's, accessories, jewellery and prints/stickers would be perfect to fill up the box. 

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I would also love to see a Ghibli themed subscription box too! It can either be a mixture of the different Ghlbli films or a focus Ghibli film for the month. 
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The quality of the products is definitely something I think about before the price, and if I know I'm getting some official merchandises I am more willing to pay a little more for the subscription box. Again I would like to see actual props from the movies, as well as prints, clothings/cosplay item, jewellery, accessories, stationary, etc. 

TWG Tea Grand Fine Harvest Collection
Another subscription box I would definitely be interested in would be around the theme of tea. I think a tea themed subscription box would be interesting and fun, since it will be something we are able to use often. This could include different tea leaves/teabag selections, information about the monthly tea given, different teacups or teapots sets and cute little trinkets would be nice. 

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Speaking of tea, I also wouldn't mind subscribing to a Matcha (green tea) themed box! I love absolutely love matcha! Any I would drink, eat or try anything that is matcha! In a matcha box, it would be nice to see different snacks, drinks, information, tea ceremony bowl & whisk, oriental items (i.e. Geta sandals). This would be a very intriguing box, especially for the Matcha-lovers out there. 


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