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I've been getting a lot of emails asking me where I usually buy my Asian skincare & beauty products and I thought I'd share this with you guys today. 

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I usually try to purchase my skincare and beauty products whenever I go to Japan or Hong Kong, or I ask my dad to help me bring some back when he goes to HK and I tend to stock up enough for the year. 

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However, there are times where things don't go as plan and I always need a backup method of purchasing my skincare and beauty goodies. This is where online shopping comes into play. Most of my Japanese skincare/beauty products I would usually purchase from the Sasa website, which is a leading cosmetic retailing group in Asia. I absolutely love purchasing from Sasa, as they have reasonable pricing's on their products & shipping too! Plus they make sure that each product is securely and safely delivered to your door step with quick shipping and heaps of bubble/foam wrapping! However, recently when I went onto their site I found out that they don't sell as many products as they use to or they just don't even sell them anymore. I was a little disappointed so I had to start sourcing elsewhere. 

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I recently tried using Amazon, but we know that they only ship to a US address most of the time. So I started sourcing for a third party, so I could buy from Amazon and lucky for me I found one! It's called ShopMate and it is part of the Australian Post so this makes it super secure. I will share a more detailed post on this service in another blog post next time. You can literally purchase any Asian skincare, beauty, food products from Amazon with reasonable prices! The only hefty price is when you have to pay ShopMate. 

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For Korean skincare products, I've only been purchasing Innisfree these days and most of it is from their online store. It is very safe to shop with this brand directly, plus their shipping charges are fairly reasonable! But I have purchased a few other Korean makeup products from the official online store directly, as it is the easiest and most secure way to buy.

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Another place to buy is from YesStyle, which is also another popular site to shop on for clothes, accessories and beauty! Although some pricing can be a little overpriced, if you search well and wait for the amazing sales, this place can be your little treasure box! 

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I don't have many places online that I can share with you guys, but if you know any good, reliable and affordable Asian skincare/beauty/makeup stores online, please comment and share them below because I would love to check them out and expand my list to shop!! 


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