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Earlier in February I was invited to dine with a friend at the Oasis, which is located in the Star. The theme for the dinner was the "Month of Love". 

Free bread was available throughout the night and I absolutely loved the raisin and walnut brown bread. It was served warm, with a soft and fluffy texture and the crust was perfectly crisp too! 

We started off with the entree, which was their Seared Scallops, with white chocolate and cauliflower puree, Avrugar caviar, beetroot meringue and crispy proscuitto. The scallops were cooked to perfect and the puree was divine. My favourite part was the beetroot meringue, which balanced out the flavours with its sweetness. 

One of the guest invited that night couldn't eat scallops, so he was offered Potato and Leek soup, which he finished off quickly and licked the plate clean. 

For our main we had David Blackmore Beef Rump, with Jerusalom artichoke puree, charred spring onion, mushroom croquette and cherry jus. The rump was cooked medium-rare and quite tender. I enjoyed the strong taste of the mushroom croquette and the little chocolate bits on the side. 

Last of all was dessert, which was called the Berry Temptation. It had a raspberry creameaux, blueberry gelee, Yarrabee honey and rosemary compress strawberry. This dessert was lovely! It was refreshing with both sweet and sour flavours! It was the perfect way to end the night and the month of love. 

Good evening everyone and I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Apparently Sydney is going to be hit with a massive storm where we will have flash floods, extreme windy conditions and hailing too...I'm so not looking forward to be heading home since that is when the storm will hit! 
But earlier this morning I got to witness one of the most magical and beautiful sunrise yet. Below are photo's that I took from my balcony, just a minute apart! I woke up to a crimson sky, came out it was vivid orange and quickly changed into pinks and purples before the blue sky was seen. It was breathtaking!  
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