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The new spring anime's have all started to slowly make their release over the last 2 weeks and I've already watched a few! Of course Attack on Titan season 2 is one of them but there are some new ones that I haven't watched just yet. However here are a few that I did watch last week!! 

I finally watched Boruto - Naruto Next Generation, which was released earlier last week! And...OMG! It's so modern compared to the Naruto series. It's so advanced and just the first snippet of the episode, I felt like the ninja-style has changed drastically! I'm looking forward what's to come and see how the story develops!!

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I also watched Sakurada Reset on Friday night and it was interesting yet confusing to the end of the first episode! It does leave you wanting to know what the hell is actually going on! It also reminded a lot of "Ore Inai Machi", which I loved (except the weird ending). However the first episode is not as strong and captivating as Ore Inai Machi, but I think I'd continue to watch this just to see where this goes.

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The last new anime I watched last week was Armed Girls Machiavellism. It started off not bad, but nothing really interesting. However I do want to know more about Fudo Nomura's history and background. 


Sorry for being MIA on my blog the past few weeks! I've just been organising a few things so I've been stretched out quite thin for free time. I'll try and get some new blog posts up this weeks so I don't bore you with the old ones!
Also what new anime's have you watched from the spring releases? I've still got a list to watch so will blog about those next time!
Which ones have you've watched so far?? 
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