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Last month I talked about romance genre anime and a lot of you guys have really been enjoying all the anime-related posts! So I'm back again with another genre which is to do with FOOD! Now I personally love food both in the real world that we live in and also the ones that appear in the anime world! 

I find the anime world makes the food appear more appetising and delicious with all the effects, but some don't think so. Now I haven't watched a lot of food-related anime's and maybe its because there really isn't anything popping up in the recent years. However here are 3 series that I have watched and thoroughly enjoyed! 

Yakitate Japan! - this was the very first food-focused anime series that I ever watched and even today, I still like to enjoy the comedy and the bread-making techniques used in this show. They even teach you how to make the actual breads too! Highly recommend if you want to check out what amazing bread can be made! 

Toriko - this series was a mix of action, comedy and food! I really enjoyed all the unique ingredients that this series came up with, and they even got the children's in Japan involved too! They had a drawing competition to create a monster or ingredient to be showcased on their anime series! Although towards the end of the series, it started to focus more on the fighting action scenes, I think this series was quite enjoyable~ 

Shokugeki no Souma - season 2 just recently finished and I cannot wait for more! I absolutely loved this series when it came out and each dish that is made can be recreated in real life too! I've seen quite a few videos on how to recreate Souma's dishes using the same/similar techniques as the show and they look amazing! 

What other cooking or food anime's have you watched? Let me know in the comments!
Next time I'll post about my favourite anime food dishes!!! Look forward to that my little otaku geek fambam!  
Anyways I just uplaoded my weekly video which also so happens to be food-related!!!

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