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Hello everyone! The other day I blogged the Spring Anime 2017 that I am currently watching and what I thought about each of their first episodes. I've been slowly adding to the list because there are still so many new ones slowly popping up and I decided to share them here with you all! Read more about the previous blog post here. 

Alice to Zouroku - So far I'm enjoying this series, it kind of reminds me of Deadman Wonderland. I'm interested in seeing where this will actually go and what the grand plan is installed for the children with these special abilities. 

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Eromanda sensei - I found this anime pretty cute, especially when Sagiri shows her drawing skills! I think it'll be a fun series to see how the siblings will develop their work together on other novels in the future and also on their relationship as a family. 

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Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - woohoo! Season 3 is out and we're continuing the adventure with Nyanko-sensei & Natsume! The first episode we got to see how fragile and scared Natsume was as a child, due to all the uncertainty and fear of being hated. It was a good way to open up season 3. 

It is the Thursday before the long Easter weekend here in Australia. This is when we take a day off from tomorrow (Good Friday) till (Easter) Monday, making that a 4 day weekend. I'll be jetting off for a short trip with the boyfriend to Uluru and I'm super excited because this will be the first time visiting the big red rock! 
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