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102/21 Alberta St, Sydney, 2000, NSW
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Sun: 5:30pm - 10pm (last order at 9:30pm)
Ph: (02) 8068 9774 | E

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When CreaSion announced they would be opening a restaurant right behind their cafe, I was excited to finally try it out. I went to Restuarant Sasaki on a Wednesday evening with a dear old high school friend of mine. 

I loved how the entrance was very similar to stores you will find in Japan. The interior of the restaurant was very simplistic yet elegant and had an earthy vibe. My friend and I were seated at the back of the restaurant, near the kitchen. 

We ordered their Omakase degustation menu which is a 10 course meal. A minimum of 2 people are required to order this degustation meal and the food served were like a tapas-style with a twist. 

Prawn, apple & corriander 
Our first dish of the night were their fremantle sweet prawn ceviche. Accompanying the prawns was a mild apple vinegar dressing with fine dices of apples and baby coriander sprigs. The sweet prawns were juicy and tender that I made sure to clear all the flesh out from the head too. 

Egg & crab
Their steam blue swimmer crab egg custard (chawanmushi) had a very smooth and delicate texture. It had an interesting and hearty flavor. 

Asparagus, beetroot & hazelnut 
The tempura asparagus topped with granted hazelnut, were not your usual tempura as they were very lightly battered and was accompanied with a beetroot amazuan. The dressing was sweet and went well with the bitterness of the asparagus. 

Mackerel, vinegar & rice
The only sushi dish that night was their grilled mackerel sushi, shishito chilli and lotus stem. I was very intrigued by the details of the lotus stem itself. This added a light crunchy texture to the marinated mackerel. 

Duck, Soy & leek
The duck breast, yam bean duck sausage & grilled leak is one of their popular dishes served at the restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed the yam bean duck sausage and grilled leak. When I saw the duck breast I thought it was under-cooked, however to my surprise it wasn't and it was quite tender. 

Gurnard, Sakura & Kombu
The sashimi gurnard was fresh and succulent in texture. Instead of the usual soy sauce to go with the sashimi, sakura and kombu was served to match the light flavors of the fish. 

Beef, red wine, miso & potato 

The beef cheek braised in red wine and miso was cooked to perfection. The meat was not tough as it felt like I was cutting through butter. The beef had a very strong beefy after taste, so if you're not into the strong meaty taste, this is not the dish for you. 

The beef cheek was served with Potato mash. Nothing different about their mash, but it was very nice and buttery!

Today's rice 
The rice of the day was koshihikari rice, corn fed chicken, shimeji mushroom and mackerel dashi. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as it tasted homey and comforting! 

Miso soup
The miso soup is very different compared to the usual ones we see in Japanese restaurants. This one was thicker and had more vegetables which was delightful and tasty! 

Plum, Sake & Custard
The custard was light in texture but full of flavor! I really enjoyed the sour plum taste to freshen my palette and the rich smoothness of the custard. 

Caramel & Nuts 
I thoroughly enjoyed the caramel & nut dessert! It was the perfect bite size which was not too sickly sweet. The textures of the dessert were in harmony with the soft wafer shell, cold and sweet caramel ice-cream and the crunchy coated nuts. 

Overall the dishes served at Sasaki are more on the lighter side of flavors. I do prefer stronger flavors and aroma's, however I did enjoy my time at Sasaki. The dishes were both tasty and beautiful and the service there was wonderful! The staff were super friendly and also super helpful with recommendations for both food and drinks. 

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