Aunty Franklee's Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶 (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

While I was in Melbourne, I had the opportunity to get my bak-kut-teh (肉骨茶) fix at Aunty Franklee. Aunty Franklee is relatively new in town as they only opened in late 2016 in the heart of Melbourne CBD, where I came here with my boyfriend and his mother.

205 Russell St, Melbourne CBD, VIC, 
Opening Hours: 
MON-SUN: 11:30am – 12:30am
Ph: +61 (03) 9650 4336

Ever since my trip to Asia earlier this year, I've been craving for bak-kut-teh during the winter season and was happy to know that Melbourne had a shop specializing in this particular dish. Bak-kut-teh (肉骨茶), is popularly served in most Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. When literally translated it means meat bone tea and is a dish which consists of pork ribs simmered in a broth with various herbs and spices for hours. 

We started our meal with their hot PEAR & WHITE WOOD drink ($4.10), which is slow brewed with goji berries, dried longans and dates. Just listing the ingredients you can tell how refreshingly hearty it sounds!

We ordered 2 servings of the traditional bak-kut-teh with bak choi, served with multi grain rice and tea egg. It was a very robust, hearty and nourishing dish! Although, I did wish the bak-kut-teh had a strong spices and herbs taste to it, but regardless it managed to fulfill my craves.

CHINESE DONUTS(yau-tiu) ($2.00)
The Chinese donuts can be eaten by itself, or dipped into the bak-kut-teh broth where it soaks up the the flavor and becomes even more delicious! 

This dish consisted of smoky ribs, belly, meatballs, okra and lotus root, charred and glazed in a garlic, soy sauce with chilies. This dish was delectable, aromatic, tender and full of flavor! This was definitely my favorite dish of the night! 

Overall, I would highly recommend visiting this place, especially if you're looking for a hearty, nutritious and delicious meal in Melb CBD. I'm hoping that they'll have a franchise in Sydney some day so I won't have to travel to Melbourne all the time...but then again, I love going to Melbourne for their food and coffee, so it's not too bad! 

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