Birthday Dinner at INDU Dining o(*>ω<*)o

Although my birthday has long past now, I did had a few dinners to catch up and celebrate my birthday with friends. One of dinners I had with my uni mates, whom I studied Japanese with, went to INDU Dining to celebrate. 
350 Geroge St (entry via Angel Place), 2000, Sydney CBD
Opening Hours: 
Mon - Fri: 12pm - 11pm
Sat: 5pm - 11pm | Sun: CLOSED
Phone: (02) 9223 0158
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We started the night off with drinks, where I ordered the Gin & Tonic Archie Rose ($16). It was refreshing and light which paired well with our meal.

First dish to arrive was their Cured salmon & prawns with chili, coriander, tamarind & mint chutney served on a papdi base ($16). These little canape's were delightful to start off the night as they were not too heavy, yet full of flavor with a slight punch of spiciness. 

Next we had their Pan-seared scallops, tempered curd & smoked coconut ($19) which was lovely! Initially I thought the scallops looked a little overcooked, however once I tasted the scallop it was just right. It went very well with the dressing and the pomegranate bits added a touch of sourness to the palette to balance the heavy taste. 

The Twice-cooked, NSW lamb ribs with an almond & jaggery spice crust ($6/piece) were delicious! They were super tender that the meat could be easily removed from the bone yet retaining all the umami juices. I was expecting the ribs to have a strong aroma and taste of the spices but that was not the case, but overall it was delicious. 

The Handmade herbed paneer, served on crispy fenugreek roti, smoked bell pepper, pickled cucumber ribbons & radish ($12) was a vegetarian dish which was quite interesting and beautifully presented. However $12 for a dish with just 2 sticks were really not worth it, despite how nice these tasted. 

The Crispy dosa with garam masala eggplant, kale, lentil vada, bitter melon & burnt garlic raita ($16) was another vegetarian dish we ordered. I really enjoyed the well seasoned eggplant and crunchy kale.

The Flame-seared, turmeric-cured salmon dosa, cardamom aioli & pickled fennel ($18) was tangy yet creamy in taste. Though I think I did prefer the vegetarian dosa more. 

“The Great” Lamb raan. Marinated and tenderly slow roasted over 48 hours. Served with fresh mint chutney & lunumiris ($80, full serve). This curry was delicious and slightly spicy. The meat was so tender that it fell off the bone as soon as I cut through to shred it. The flavors were delicious and hearty. 

Beef shin bone marrow & Kashmiri lamb curry with black cardamom ($36). This curry was another delicious tender and spicy dish! The bone marrow was were finger-licking juicy and the lamb was once again tender! 

To finish off the night we all had a Bite-sized gin & tonic cheesecakes on a crispy coconut & pistachio roti with dehydrated orange ($13). I loved the crunchy thin case which was on top of a layer of salt for that extra boost to taste the sweetness of the dessert. The dehydrated orange was my favorite part of the cheesecake. Although, I couldn't really taste the G&T at all in the bite-sized cake, I thoroughly enjoyed this little treat!

Overall, I had an enjoyable dinner at Indu Dining with my mates. The only negative thing I have to say were some dishes were not worth the price tag as they were overpriced and/or the portions were quite small, despite the staff saying their dishes are meant to be shared. Also, I was a little disappointed as I thought there would be a lot more spices and flavors used in the dishes but I suppose the menu was catered for those who had a softer palette. However the staff and atmosphere were all very lovely so I can definitely see myself coming back here to try their other dishes and desserts. 

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