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We all know hygiene is important when it comes to keeping our skin clear and feeling its' best. This is especially important when we use makeup and we want to ensure our skin can be free from blemishes and pimples. Although they can appear due to genetic factors, most of the time what we use on our skin can also affect our skin conditions. 

This is why cleaning our make up brushes often is incredibly important! I recently purchased the SigMagic Brushampoo and I can honestly say that it does a fantastic job in cleansing my makeup brushes. The shampoo is sulfate and paraben free and contains 100% natural virgin coconut and palm oil, which effectively dissolves product build-up, oil residue and harmful bacteria, enhancing the functionality of brushes.  

First of all it is best to soak the brushes so they are nice and damp before applying a few pumps of the Sigmagic brushampoo. I generally use 2-3 pumps for bigger face brushes and 1 pump is more than enough for the smaller eye/lip brushes. 

In conjunction with the Sigmagic brushampoo I also use their 2X Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. The 8 patented textured glove ensure that each make up brush gets that deep and thorough cleanse that it needs to ensure all product residues are washed off. 

Overall: ★★★★★
I'm very impressed and pleased with results of the shampoo. It cleans my brushes thoroughly yet keeps the bristle soft at the same time without damaging the brush itself. This is super important to me as makeup brushes are not cheap. Additionally the price is very affordable at US$15 for a 150ml bottle. I personally will be purchasing this product again once I've used up my first bottle. To purchase your own Sigmagic Brushampoo click HERE and receive 10% off using the discount code "SIGMA2017" which can be used all year round (exp: 31/12/2017).

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