Gotta Go Gogyo ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ // "Burnt" Miso Ramen

Good evening my hungry readers, I'm finally back with my first food review of the year! I made a visit to Gogyo the week it opened as I knew this was going to be a new hot spot for foodies to feast at, plus I would be flying off to LA in a few weeks time. 
While most people don't associate the word "burnt" with edible tasty food, Sydney's latest ramen joint is most famous for its Kogashi burnt miso ramen which may change your opinion. Gogyo is also a sister restaurant of Ippudo's and has stores in both Japan and Hong Kong. 
56 Bay St, Ultimo
Opening Hours: 
[Lunch] Mon-Sun: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
[Dinner] Mon-Sun: 5:30 PM - 9PM
Ph: (02) 9212 0003
I had organised for my friends and I to go early so we could avoid the crowd just in case and luckily for us we were seated straight away without having to wait. However, if you're not too sure if there will be a queue best to book in advance. 

Although the restaurant is known for its ramen, there is also a la carte menu available to order. We ordered a few dishes to share as we enjoyed the jazz music playing the background. While we waited for our food to arrive I fancied myself with a cocktail named the Parisian($16). It was a beautiful blend of sweet and sour flavor created from the mixture of Umeshu, Midori and Cassis.

First off we had their Salmon Sashimi($21) with wasabi soy, yuzu avocado purée, chopped radish and flash fried salt bush. This dish was delightful and a perfect start to a hot summer evening! The flavors of the dressing was very refreshing while the salmon was smooth and fresh . 

The Gogyo original gyoza($14) was deliciously juicy upon biting and came with both chili and soya-vinegar dipping sauce. The skin was thin yet quite firm holding all the filling within. However, I did find this dish to be a quite overpriced for the small portion. 

The Cod Fish Saikyo Miso($28) was a covered in a sweet pasty miso coating and had a very soft texture. It had a very similar taste to Sokyo's Dengakuman dish, although I do prefer Sokyo's version. Again the portion was quite small for the price you pay. 

The Sumiyaki Wagyu Tataki($24) was served up medium rare with a sesame oil and soybean based dressing. The meat was tender and succulent and paired well wit the light dressing. 

Next up we had the Nasu Dengaki($12.50) which is a tempura eggplant with red miso sauce. The eggplant is covered in a light batter giving it an extra crunch factor. 

Half of my friends ordere the Gogyo Tonkotsu($17) which has a silky pork broth, half umami egg, bamboo shoots, pork belly chashu with medium-thin noodles. The broth was full of flavor as the pork bones are simmered over for hours retaining the pork juices and fat. 

I ordered the Kogashi Miso Ramen($18) which has a charred miso based, original chicken broth, half umami egg, pork belly chashu with medium-thin noodles. The miso is burnt at a scorching 300 degrees and the ramen is served at 85 degrees bringing out a rawer miso flavor. The chashu ratio of fat and lean pork was sport on as it was tender, fatty and full of procine flavor. 
Before we tucked into our ramen, the restaurant had prepared us with some black bibs which was perfect for one of my friend who was so happen to be wearing white that day. It is perfect to shield you from the broth as you slurp the noodles.

Overall, I would recommend coming here for the experience to try their Kogashi miso ramen and a few other dishes. Although some dishes may seem to be on the pricier end, you will find some that are quite reasonable too. Also, the hospitality here is welcoming and the staff are extremely friendly and efficient.

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