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On my next adventure I was invited to pop by Dulcet Cakes & Sweets in Burwood Plaza to taste their cute looking cakes and matcha treats. I have been seeing their kawaii cakes and drool worthy matcha desserts on my instagram feed for quite some time but I was a little sceptical as to whether they actually tasted as good as they looked because...you know some places are like that and it's honestly a waste of my stomach quota and a huge disappoint when that does happen! 

I brought along two of my friends, Sarah and Florence, with me for a brunch session where we started our first meal of the day with desserts only. The store was super easy to find as it's right next to a Korean fried chicken store called Chirchir (which I'll talk about in another post) plus they also had a huge sign on their window so it's not hard to miss! The moment I entered the store I knew I was going to be snapping away like crazy because it was so brightly lit from all the natural lighting making it the perfect condition to take beautiful photos! 

Jumping straight into business we went to their display to check out which cakes we wanted to taste and lets not forget photo taking too. We decided on 5 cakes, 1 matcha dessert and a pot of hot sencha tea  as I was quite cold from the chilly morning breeze that day. Florence, Sarah and myself took a good 2 hours of taking photos and helping one another to that "THE" shot that we wanted as we all had different ideas, angles and what not. After that we could finally sit down, relax and enjoy our treats!!! Overall I was fairly impressed with the desserts and would definitely be coming back for more! There were a few cakes that they had on their website/instagram but they didn't have on their displays that day. Dulcet gets my little stamp of approval for cute looks and delicious taste! Below is the list of desserts that girls and I had ordered and finished eating all of them! 

Steam Bun mascarpone, yogurt and sticky rice pudding - this cake was so light and fluffy, I just couldn't believe it! Plus the blend of flavours went very well with one another and it was a perfect match with the sencha tea I had. 

Blackcurrant lychee mousse - this heart shaped cake was one of my favourite cakes as I loved how well balanced the sweetness of the cake went with the sour filling. I could continuously eat this cake without getting that sickly sweet feeling. Plus you could really taste the blackcurrant and lychee flavours.

Caramel bear mousse with blackcurrant and pear - another one of my favourite cakes, this one was beautiful! The caramel exterior was so richly sweet yet filling offsets the cake from being overly sweet.  

French earl grey with white peach - had a much lighter and elegant flavour. I would recommend this to those who aren't particular a fan of super sweet cakes. 

Chestnut chiffon cake - the sponginess of the cake was perfect! This cake is perfect to have with tea on a chilly autumn day as it had a lovely light texture with soft chestnut flavours coming through. Plus they also use real chestnuts too and they taste delicious.

Matcha sundae with black sesame sponge cake, cornflakes, red bean, matcha jelly, dango served on dry ice - I loved the matcha ice-cream! The ice-cream itself had a nice harmony of bitter-sweet plus all the extra goodies that it was topped with! To be honest the girls and I were a little scared as the dry ice kept making popping sounds and it started to stick to the wooden tray...we were getting really worried.

11A, 27-31 Belmore Street Burwood, New South Wales, Australia
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM - 10PM
Ph: (02) 8937 2582
Dulcet Cakes & Sweets Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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