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It has been a very long time since I last reviewed colour contacts as I haven't had the chance to try out any new designs or series. Also, I usually purchase my colour contacts from Japan and it has been 3 years since I last went and I just haven't had the chance to jet off to Japan recently. However, LoveShoppingHolics recently re-approached me to do some reviews for them so I said why not! I've personally have shopped with them before so I can honestly say that I trust their products that they sell, however LoveShoppingHolics only stock yearly disposal lenses and I do prefer daily disposal lenses as they are much more comfortable in my opinion. Which is why I also purchase colour contacts lenses from another website called HoneyColor for monthly, weekly and daily lenses. 

The lenses I picked are all from the same brand/series called Pofee Lucine and are one year disposal. These Korean lenses come in 4 different colours which are pink, purple, brown and blue. The design on the lenses are very unique as they have two crescent moons and small stars with 2-3 different colours that blend together to create a sparkly effect. They have a diameter of 14.5mm, water content of 45%, base curve of 8.6mm and currently cost USD$21.90/pair. 

Surprisingly these one year disposal lenses were quite comfortable and not as thick as I thought they would be. I remember back in the days yearly lens were quite thick which made it hard for our eyes to breathe, however it might just be this brand or how advanced the technology are these days but these lenses were incredibly thin and breathable. Despite being so thin, the colours of the lenses really show through on my darker eyes and it looks so beautiful! Although the design is not natural at all, from a distance you actually cannot see the moons and stars and it creates a beautiful glittery eye effect. Overall I had a fun time trying out these lenses and will be wearing them here and there to events or when I film cause they do look nice on camera. The blue is my favourite out of all the shades and the pink and violet look fairly similar with some small difference that you can only tell if you're up close to the eye. I have placed the images and link to the lenses below. 

Pofee Lucine Violet Coloured Contact Lenses

Which colours lenses do you want to try from these series? Also can you guess which colour I'm wearing this in this photo? 
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