Winner winner chicken dinner ⋋(◍’Θ’◍)⋌

While myself, Florence and Sarah were in Burwood for desserts in the morning we were also invited to pop by Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory to try out their menu. Apparently Chir Chir (pronounces as Chi-re Chi-re) is one of South Korea's largest chain restaurant known for its signature freshly-cooked Korean chicken dishes. Also,there are currently over 100 stores across Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

When we got to the restaurant we were all quite hungry to begin with but the unique restaurant appearance caught our cameras attention more than our stomachs. The restaurant is spacious and well light with bright lights and windows for natural lighting. So of course we had to make good use of all this great lighting before the sun went down.

After taking a few shots here and there it was time to decide what we wanted to order off their menu. Not only did their menu had various chicken dishes to select from, there were also salads, sides dishes, hotpot, hot dishes, bimbimbap, drinks, etc. It took us quite a while to determine which dishes to feast on. In the end with ended up order 7 dishes, 1 bottle of peach soju and 3 mocktails. 

Squid Tentacle - these were crumbed and fried for that perfect crunchy and chewy texture and is a great snack to have with beer or soju!

Venus Cheesy Chicken - juicy fried chicken strips with a variety of cheese! I already sounds that good! The outer layer of the chicken was crispy while the meat was tender, plus that cheese sauce that was poured all over it! Uhh! I could go for some more right now!

New Orleans Wings - we honestly got this dish because we wanted the corn cheese at the bottom of the plate but the wings itself were super succulent, juicy and well marinated!

Fire on the Plate - I had no expectations of how spicy this dish would actually be but OMG this dish was spicy! And it would get spicier every moment you take! Again this was a well marinated and tender chicken dish.

Chir Spaghetti - now I wasn't a huge fan of this dish because the spaghetti were all stuck together making it into one big clump. Flavour wise for this dish was average too so might want to give this a skip. 

Summit Chicken - this was another spicy chicken dish and by the time I had taken a bite I swear this one tasted spicier than the other one even though this dish was meant to be less spicy! There was also noodles at the bottom of the chicken mountain which was great to fill us up as we didn't order any rice. 

Soybean Paste Soup - the soup was a little salty but nothing water can't fix! This was our only source of vegetables during our feast!

Mocktails - Strawberry Mint, Pineapple Mojito, Lychee Lime Fizz! They were all quite refreshing and great to cool our taste buds from all the spicy chickens we had! My favourite was the pineapple mojito! 

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