Ito En O-cha // Tea time! (*^▽^*)

Now we've all heard of the amazing benefits that green tea has on our health and how it has made its way through to the food and beauty world. Numerous studies show that green tea is able to lower cancer risks, improve brain function, reduce blood glucose and cholesterol, aid in weight loss and fat loss, anti-ageing, etc. 

Ito En is an innovative Green Tea company who were invited by the Victorian Government in 1994 to grow Japanese green tea leaves in Australia from scratch. Their unsweetened, sweetener-free, zero calories and ready-to-consume drinks are few of the reasons why I keep coming back for more, especially when I'm shredding! (It's a working progress~). 

Recently the Ito En team have kindly gifted me a few of their products for me to try and share my honest thoughts and opinions on them. When I received the parcel I could see they put a lot of love and care into wrapping up the items to ensure they arrived to my door step safely!

The products I received included the Shincha, Matcha Green Tea Sweet Powder, Genmaicha and a Hagi style Teapot & Teacup set. 

Shincha, is the first tea leaves harvested for the season. The leaves continue to absorb the nutrients during the winter season giving the first growth of leaves in the spring a refreshing and invigorating scent. It's also low in catechin and caffeine making it less bitter in taste and high in amino acids for a full-bodied flavour and sweetness.

The Genmaicha is one of my personal favourites when it comes to green tea. It is a mixture of tea and roasted grains of brown rice which gives off a nutty and deeper flavour. As I grew up eating rice as part of my diet it somewhat felt homey~

Moving onto the sweeter side of things Ito En has a Matcha Green Tea Sweet Powder which can be used to make lattes and smoothies. The entire leaf is grounded into a fine powder making it easy to re-create your favourite matcha latte! 

Last of all I received the cutest tea set ever! This pastel pink Hagi style teapot and teacup set was just too cute I had to use them straight away! I have a thing for ceramics and I have no idea why!

Plus, last weekend I was volunteering at SMASH! so I was running around helping out and I was really glad we had some Ito En Oi Ocha to replenish my energy and keep me hydrated. Their bottled green tea is their #1 best seller as it is unsweetened, contains zero calories and has more than 100% RDI of Viatmin C! It's the prefect drink when you want to feel refreshed or trying to shred for the summer! Plus it is available in Woolworth and other Asian groceries at a very reasonable price! So why not grab a bottle of their green tea and start your new healthy adventure with me! If you prefer traditional hot tea they I'd highly recommend their Genmaicha or Shincha otherwise another hearty option to stay warm this winter is their Matcha Green Tea Sweet Powder and make yourself a delicious matcha latte! 

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